Memory of Peru-Photographs 1890-1950, Exhibition @ Amricani Cultural Centre


Memory of Peru
Photographs 1890-1950
Jorge Villacorta – Andres Garay – Carlo Trivelli
In collaboration with Alonso Ruiz Rosas and Gredna Landolt

18 Oct-18 Nov 2018 at Amricani Cultural Centre

In geography that entwines the Amazon rainforest، tropical glaciers، impressive mountain ranges and arid deserts، the diverse native cultures of Peru- one of the six countries in the world to be considered a cradle of civilizations- established contact with people from Europe، Africa and the Far East. It was a story of conquest migration that ended creating a unique postcolonial scene.

These elements – geography، society، and culture- have interacted in complex ways، sometimes with contradictions، and have produced surprising cultural expressions. One of these has been photography as will see in the images that shape the Memory of Peru. In photographs 1890-1950، the Peruvian photography is nurtured with the unquestionable talent of a group of excellent visual creators that used a photographic camera- one of the most distinguished emblems of modernity in that pertained period- as a means to portray، understand and interpret the country.

For the Peruvian society in the end of the 19th century، geographically and culturally fragmented، photography was a basic element to configure the idea of a national sense of belonging.

Thanks to these images – and many similar ones- Peru، as we know it today، started emerging as a comprehensive reality for its people. The natural wonders in its territory، the great monuments of its pre-Columbian history and the ancient traditions entwine with the modern aspirations، the growing capitalist economy and the social conflicts of a national society in progress.

Memory of Peru، photographs of 1890-1950، allows us to relive that construction project and to appreciate the talents of masters of the lens such as Max T. Vargas، Martin Chambi، Carlos and Miguel Vargas، Juan Manuel، Figueroa Aznar، Sebastian Rodrigues، Baldomero Alejos or Carlos C. Runcie، juts to mention a few of the most eminent in this selection.