Indian Community School Students visits NASA


The youngsters at ICSK were bestowed with a golden chance to travel to the United States of America. The tour coordinator Mr. Jacob George along with teachers Mrs. Saritha Sasikumar and Mrs. Shehnaz Gujral, under the guidance of the Official Tour Manager of Ceasars Int’l, Mr. Shibu, made their maiden journey to USA.The batch of 42 students visited NASA and various other destinations in America.

The team was given a chance to visit NASA, where the students experienced, imagined and interacted through brand-new immersive simulators in the new Astronaut Training Experience Centre, tours of Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex, where they also had a chance to prove their talents in solving everyday challenges faced by astronauts. The camp activities provided the students with an environment to train as the next generation of space explorers in the all-new Astronaut Training Experience. The students also experienced walking and driving on Mars through virtual and motion simulation, and also conducted a spacewalk in a microgravity experience.  The students had a chance to live and work on Mars for the day in Mars Base1. They also had a chance to work together to solve base operations emergencies, program robots to optimize solar energy, and sustain life in the Botany Lab. Tour exhibits and attractions throughout the visitor complex enchanted the already excited crew. The team encountered everyday challenges of astronauts and engineers through hands-on activities and experiments.